• Alarm indication signal (AIS) (also called “all ones” because of the data and framing pattern) is a signal transmitted by an intermediate element of a multi-node transport circuit that is part of a concatenated telecommunications system to alert the receiving end of the circuit that a segment of the end-to-end link has failed at a logical or physical level, even if the system it is ...
Both T1 and E1 can be used to transmit data or voice, or a mixture of both. For example: if an E1 is reserved for voice channels only, the 2mbit will be split into 32 64Kbps telephone channels. 30 of these channels can carry one telephone conversation each, and 2 carry signalling and timing information.
  • Disclosed are systems and techniques by which a caller may specify a callee's telephone number and be connected directly to a carrier provided voice mail facility associated with the identified the telephone number, even though the callee's carrier may not be the same as the caller's carrier.
  • Daikin. Carrier. Royal Clima. ККБ.
  • Disregarding VUS in ECS may miss ARCs. Even if only 10% of couples currently classified as P/LP*cVUS are ultimately reclassified as P/LP*P/LP, ECS yield would increase by ≈20%. While current understanding of VUS precludes VUS reporting in ECS, these findings underscore the importance of VUS reclassi …
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